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Who the Hell is Circumcision Guy??

And do I want to know what an Intactivist is?

About 10 years ago, Nathan stumbled on research concerning infant circumcision. The more he read, the more he believed action needed to be taken. When I get a chance, I'll link to the interview we did for the local NPR station.

Our state insurance wouldn't cut coverage for routine infant circumcision (RIC), because medicaid was still covering it and they had a rule that state employees had at least as much coverage as medicaid. (I don't know if that's true...maybe they were making it up?), so he went to work getting medicaid to drop funding for RIC.

Long story short, Nathan talked to everyone he could about infant circumcision, and helped remove it from being covered by medicaid. The money the state saved was used to fund dental and eye care. Win-win.

I just checked the stats - Utah currently circumcises 39% of their baby boys. That's down from about 95% in 2003, when Nathan went to work.

Go Circumcision Guy!

Utah's Circumcision Rates
A gratuitous table
Year Circumcision Rate
2003 93%
2010 39%

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